The SOLSTICE Laboratory of Excellence (LABEX)

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To develop high efficiency solar thermal, thermochemical and photovoltaic systems to supply
renewable heat, electricity and fuels to people in the future.

The R&D objectives are the following,

  1. Efficient and low cost solar energy conversion processes,
  2. Materials for energy conversion at high temperature,
  3. Solar fuels,
  4. Solar eco-technologies,
  5. Optimization of solar systems.


Three main activities are developed:
Education and training
Innovation and Impact


The Management Committee is responsible of the day-to-day management. It is composed of the Labex head, the three directors of the member laboratories (or their representatives) the financial officer and the three responsibles of the main Labex activities.
The Strategy Committee is composed of the Institution representatives: ANR, Universities, CNRS, DRBI cluster and industry. Meetings are organized once a year to evaluate the activities of the Labex.
The International Scientific Advisory Committee provides an external advice on the Labex each year. It is composed of,
- Dr. Manuel Romero, Deputy Director, IMDEA Energy, Spain (Chair)
- Prof. Eugene A. Katz, Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Israel)
- Dr. Philippe Buxant, Responsible of Renewable Energy, ENGIE (Belgium)


Innovation Review (ENG)
Innovation review (FR)